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teacher: hello! your child has been very insubordinate in class! causing disruption throughout the whole period-

me as a parent: ??? receipts :)


"every time u open ur mouth i think its gonna be something relevant but its just about harry and louis" when ur sister drags u and its true


so much confusion over a damn song. so much confusion over 1d’s actual songs. so much confusion over this damn boyband. everyone surrounding them is a troll. trust nobody.

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Harry on BBC Radio 1 with Scott Mills July 19, 2013

He told Scott, “I checked in [to a hotel] as Mick Green but I’m going to change it.”

And thus, Mick Greenberg was born.


you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


ASCAP returns the same results as Harry’s when searching for ‘Mick Greenberg’

Mick Greenberg doesn’t exist or has written any songs besides Harry’s, nor is he listed in any of the songs he ‘wrote.’

//Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart' writing credits then & now

You can listen to Ariana talking about Harry writing the song here. //

In conclusion, Mick is probably Harry’s pseudonym.

Found by germanystyles. You can listen to ‘I Love You’ here.

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when else did you hear about the name, ess?


Also in the interview, Harry let slip that he checks into hotels under assumed names in order to throw off fans who may then gather in their hundreds.

Of the recent use of one of his aliases, he told Scott, “I checked in [to a hotel] as Mick Green but I’m going to change it.”

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Given that Irving Azoff's son is an agent with CAA and 1D are such massively important CAA clients, I don't find it weird at all that Irving Azoff would be quoted about 1D's touring power.


Yeah, I agree. The comment is totally fair and true and reasonable to make.

BUT, if you *also* look at the context of Harry’s increasingly public relationship with the entire Azoff family since January of this year, Irving namechecking the band at a professional industry event seems worth more than simple surface consideration.