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me: *listens to song*

me: i can't believe [insert artist/band name] is larry af



I know a lot of people are trying to be optimistic about the lack of promo for Four by saying that the boys will promote it when it comes out but that’s not how promo works. Artists are supposed to promote their album before it comes out so that it does well on the charts. They may be past the heavy promo of Up All Night and Take Me Home but no artist is above promoting their latest project (unless you’re Beyonce). Waiting until the week before is not acceptable in any way. Yes, the boys deserve a break after touring for almost six months but the lack of promo for their album makes it look like they don’t care. Even if they’re not the ones responsible for this, they’ll be blamed if the album doesn’t do well. No one will look at their invisible PR team. It’ll be interesting to see how their eventual promo does go and how the album does on the charts.

I would also like to add that having a great single is what grabs most people’s attention these days, and if you don’t promote that single outside the fandom, how are people supposed to know about it to have any interest in buying said album?

I don’t want them to do promo because I ‘need it’ as a fan, I want them to do it because I want them to be successful and have longevity in this business, and you need to branch out in order to do that.